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Welcome to -- my personal web site where you can view some of my art, and share in my love for the holidays. I hope that you will enjoy reading my opinions on different holiday traditions and their significance to artistic crafts and history.

As an artist, the relationship between holidays and art has always fascinated me. As a photographer, it gives me pleasure to share some of my work in this way. You could say that this is my personal art gallery.

The artistic quality of a vintage automobile is used to good effect at a wedding ceremony.
The Best Man at a wedding ceremony waits for the Bride and Groom during one of life's most important holidays. This old collectible Jaguar automobile has won numerous awards for its artistic elegance, and will serve as elegant transportation for the lucky couple.
From time to time I do offer an item, something that you might find would make a good gift or for enjoyment yourself (Most of the time it's a framed photograph or painting that I think looks particularly beautiful or striking). Then I decide what to do next.

My mission is summed up as follows:
  • Establish a resource for the serious artist and holiday enthusiast.
  • Publish insightful opinions about the holidays, art and crafts.
  • Provide the best possible art value.
  • Respect your right to privacy.
If you would like to send me some feedback, make a suggestion, be notified when something new becomes available, or call my attention to any mistakes please contact me. That would be appreciated.

Thanks for visiting,

Robert Winton.
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