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Art inspires profound thoughts.  You won't need this artistic crystal ball to see them.

You won't need this ancient beautiful artistic crystal ball to see what others think about!
  • this is an excellent site for anyone who wants to know of art in the holidays
  • The title indicates I would find some art work for my Holiday letter and all I could find was the history of "The New Year" and the words to "Auld Lang Syne" Not helpful!
  • thank you for the song!
  • it needs directions for holiday art PROJECTS that you can make by hand or paper
  • it [CENSORED] this website stinks
  • it should have some art that you can make!
  • the image was beautiful and it has a clear picture.
  • no real imformation. details are what intrest people particularly gresome ones. could have made this a way more intresting pare, esp when dealing with a topic as intresting (despite what your page makes it seem) as the druids
  • Praise the Lord. Thank you for taking a stand for our Lord & Savior. God Bless you.
  • its heaps good yeah
  • loving it!!!!!!
  • This page sucks [CENSORED] u stupid [CENSORED]!
  • Put more landscape pictures on the home page!!!!
  • I wish you could include a chance for the audience to purchase resources that might help them paint pictures of Christmas.
  • I love your art display. Your art is beautiful, peaceful and soothing.
  • Colorful, intriguing, happy, exotic!
  • well there aren't many pictures to choose from and it just has no life. you said not to hold back right. don't be mad just take the critisizim as motivation to do better on pictutres that's all ok!
  • Biased towards Christianity. There is no info on pre-Christian "Christmas" and "Easter" traditions
  • Please have more about africa history of arts and crafts
  • very good but you need more of your fantastic photo's on your site.
  • yeah dude, you rant and rave too much. You talk too much about emotion. I needed some hard facts about oil paint, and all I found was this yammering [CENSORED]. You should really be more in depth, and quit bouncing around topics.That's my comment, [CENSORED]!
  • this was great though i would have liked more indepth contextual information surrounding the development of photography... though maybe i am just frustrated looking for a site designed for such a purpose :)
  • my boyfriend and i plan to get married on st patties day and learned some stuff the otherwise did not know
  • It was beautiful! Thank you.
  • i am looking for a infor on new year in austraila for a project at school
  • I love this website so interesting and u can find everything
  • In order to expand our business ,Im writing to you to seek cooperate possibilities.
  • i think your sight is great
  • Your web site was great! although ive found more info on on other sites. keep up the good work!!!!!
  • this needs to say what people do on st patricks day
  • i hate this site!!!!!and you!!!!!
  • In case I goofed & you did not get this message, I am looking for a framed photo or print of an outhouse to hang in my bathroom. Please help!
  • quite poor
  • i think your art is wonderfully beautiful
  • This site is horrible and includes no specific details of what I was looking for.once again I would have it shut down if it was up to me.
  • Someone with imagination is always welcome on the net, especially one whose pages load quickly and have some content worth viewing. Thank you.

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